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We are FavNorth!

We are a Canada-based company with its head office and warehouse in Toronto, Canada and a warehouse in New Jersey, USA. Until the 2nd quarter of 2023, we imported all our products from the USA but our core objective is to provide our customers with timely and high-quality products, ensuring their utmost satisfaction. In pursuit of our commitment to excellence, we’ve strategically expanded our supply chain operations to include sourcing from Canada. This dual-sourcing strategy is aimed at providing optimal service to both our American and Canadian customers. By diversifying our sources, we aim to expedite shipments and maintain our commitment to delivering products with enhanced speed and quality to all our valued customers in both countries. 

Leveraging our engineering expertise, we promise continuous improvements and efficiency in areas such as sales, marketing, and logistics, backed by detailed analysis and technical insights.

Through long-term partnerships with our valued suppliers and business partners, we work collaboratively to ensure our products reach customers swiftly, maintaining high quality and affordability.

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Why Choose Us?

Engineering Background!
At our company, we are led by a team with a solid engineering background, enabling us to guarantee product sales, marketing, and logistics processes, alongside continuous improvements and efficiency through in-depth analysis and technical work. Our wide network, experience, and analytical mindset equip us with exceptional capabilities in supply chain management and operational processes.

Local and Global Competencies!
With our operations team in Canada and procurement organization in Denmark, we offer a global perspective, fostering strong collaboration in local and international markets. With our global organization, we see great potential for future expansion into the European market.

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